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Comedy Club on Khaosan Road

The Only Full-Time Comedy Club in Bangkok

Open Every Night.


Become a Resident Comedian

Ready to go pro and looking to up your game to the next level? Getting good stage time is hard back home, come to Thailand and perform 10 + times a week alongside seasoned pros as part of a lovely community of comedians. Get advice from some of the best mentors and connections you'd ever wish for in the international professional comedy circuit.

An Interview  with Lex Morales, Comedy Club Founder

What Makes a Good Comedy Club?

A community of great people trying to be great comedians.

Simple as that. That’s what we’re trying to aspire to.

People are saying I'm doing a good job, but I’m just learning so much all the time. I respect the art form and audience, and just keep focusing on that.

To build a community, it takes respect for the comedians, giving them the trust and artistic freedom to do well and present their best selves to the audience. We're all continuously learning and improving as we go along, so having nightly shows really helps with consistency.

To be a good club owner, you have to know comedy. I’m don't ever think I'm the funniest person in the room, but I can give great feedback on how to make someone even funnier. It's what better comedians did for me and I hope I can be as generous as they were.


Outside of comedy club I’m a potpourri of useless information. I’m a comedy nerd.


Comedy attracts a lot of negativity because we’re studying what’s wrong with the world, what we can fix, what’s unusual. Instead of improving, people can try and gatekeep and judge comedians.


But I know only the audience’s pleasure matters, and trust people that if they’re exploring and experimenting with their voice, they’ll find their way. I just want to encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves and find that person on stage. It’s certainly where I’m best, and I hope people see that and it encourages them to be more.

I guess I'm at the center of this amazing hub but I want to highlight all the comics and their best bits that make them great performers and great people. We’re attracting really good people and if I’m able to help them shine more, we can grow and improve together.

So much talent passes through Bangkok. Steven Briggs coming through was a fantastic pleasure. Trevor Lock, Brian Aylward, Davidson Boswell. To meet such good people who see the world in such an interesting ways is a gift.

There was just such an obvious need for the scene. Maybe I’m not the one to do it, but it’s worth trying. It’s an annoying, difficult art form.


The club has to be a certain way that doesn’t work in a random pub. That’s why I designed the club the way it is, I know how comedy clubs work in New York, and there we had to fight to get paid properly, and here the scene is going through the same change.


Comedians aren’t paid enough and aren’t respected, just doing it for the stage time, but it should be possible for people to make a living and a life. So I made this club to honor the art form and the experience I care about so much.

Why Does Bangkok Need a Comedy Club?


Bangkok’s talent needs more stage time to get better. We need longer sets, and we deserve it too.


Before, the peak of our career was to open for imported headliners, but we didn't get to be a headliner.

There’s a critical mass of talent to support a comedy club, we don’t need to ship people in, but most of the locals weren't getting better.


Bangkok has the best of everything. The best food, the best pubs, the best nightclubs, but it didn't have the best comedy club.


Why the fuck not? It's the best country in the world and comedy is exploding in every other country, why wasn’t it exploding here?


What was the bottle-neck? Was there no one qualified? Am I qualified? I don’t know, let’s try.

Why Make a Comedy Club on Khaosan road?

Khaosan just has so many new people every day! And they're here to have fun!

There are people on Khaosan are looking for more than balloons, night clubs, and ping pong. They want some something adventurous and cultural, different! I used to work for a guy who had a show on the road but it closed during the pandemic. The crowds were so fun and it was cool to meet people from around the world... It inspired me to open up a real comedy club here and try to do it right.

I hope to attract such a strong comedic community that the expats who live in town think it’s worth the travel to come see a show with us every so often. People occasionally visit Khaosan to buy some stuff and do some balloons, but it’s not really why they came to Thailand.


It's great to have a community hub where people can meet the foreign locals that live here as part of the real Bangkok.

People come here for a good time, and we can give them that.

Let's connect interesting travelers with real bangkok people sharing a love of some genuinely good comedy!

Why Does Lex Morales Love Comedy?

It's an admirable pursuit. We talk about problems, but it brings joy. Comedians make pain tolerable and the great ones inspire change.


It's satisfying in an addicting way, and for a while it was the only thing that gave me self worth and purpose.


Thankfully now I’ve got other things. I try not to care too much. You can’t change the world.


The imperfection of this world is perfect, so when you can embrace the fallacies, it becomes fun.


Dave Letterman described Don Rickles: "He makes life more fun".


That’s what I want them to say about me.

Life is hard. (He laughs) I shouldn’t have got in a fight with my wife before this interview.

If life was too easy, it wouldn’t be enjoyable either.

Doing something that’s not easy makes life gratifying.

Everyone thinks they can do comedy, and everyone has their moments.


Making people laugh, lowering their defenses enough to change minds on things they’ve got their guard up for.


Comedy used to get me laid, but it doesn't work in Thailand.

Who is Lex Morales?

An observer of life and a comedian (I believe it now, was hard to believe for a while).

I've grown up loving art, satire, and skepticism. I've been fighting to stay attached to this world, while feeling on the outside looking in.


Now I’m a comedy club owner, so I have a whole new identity and I'm trying to adjust and adapt to that.

Sometimes I'm an artist, sometimes the laziest person on the planet.

I'm a great lover...
Sorry, I'm rambling. It's such a hard question,  when it should be the easiest.

I just try to be a good person. I fuck up all the time, then try to fix that.

I try to stay on the outside of things, but I care too much, so I get stuck in them.

I'm a Puerto Rican who never lived there.
I'm a New Yorker who left.
I'm a Jehovah's Witness who doesn’t believ
e in it any more.
I've done enough comedy to know I can always get better, and I believe I am.

What's the Best Experience You've Had Performing Comedy?

When you’re in the zone, you barely remember what you’re saying. Time slows down, you know every face in the room, you can see who’s listening. The waves of laughter build before you hear them.


We had a show this week with with Steve Briggs, Davidson Boswell, Delphin Solomon and Jack.

It's one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I was really proud of it.

I remember The Comedy Gallery in New York (no longer around). Hanging out in the hallway with other comedians, ranting in tyrades, and being part of the group where everyone’s ripping into each other and you want to get torn a new asshole.

Going toe-to-toe with peers you respect and being able to hold court is the greatest feeling. I want to recapture that vibe here.

My favorite thing is performing stand-up comedy. My second favorite is hanging out with comedians.


In New York, I got to work with some super talented (and famous) comedians and as I was doing shows with them, at my best, I knew I could keep up with them. It gave me huge confidence and validation to continue and keep on through the dark times.

Nightly Comedy Shows on Khao San Road 

The Comedy Joint is a Bangkok comedy club featuring nightly western style stand-up comedy served with your drinks.


Enjoy live comedy from the best local and international touring acts in the heart of Bangkok's tourist hub.

Every night features 3 to 10 celebrated comedians performing for your entertainment.

We have a rotating cast of local legends, resident international comedians on world tours, and the occasional surprise star making their way through Bangkok for a couple of nights only.

We've built a community hub for Bangkok's thriving comedy scene to have the home it deserves.


Thailand Attracts Top International Talent

American Comedy Joint Bangkok
International Comedian Performs at the Comedy Joint
Bangkok Comedian on stage at the Comedy Joint
Bangkok Comedy Show


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